1990 Calder Street
Beaumont, Texas 77701
(409) 835-3930

James and Kathy Perrio have been in the flower business for more than 36 years, having worked in some of the finest and oldest shops in the city before opening Twigs Florist in 1998. James and Kathy believe you have to keep up with cutting edge designs to accommodate the clients of today, ranging from corporations to the modern homemaker. Twigs uses old world, French country, contemporary, modern and Asian influences in their designs, all created from the highest quality imported and domestic flowers and products. From small dinner parties to grand weddings

and corporate events, Twigs keeps designs fresh and innovative for each client. If

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you are looking for a beautiful silk centerpiece for a dining room or special arrangements for a corporate dinner, Twigs Florist has it all, from homes to hotels. Visit them for a style all your own.

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